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Thermal covers for households

5 reasons for a hot tub cover

Did you decide to purchase your very own hot tub? Whether you have a hot tub at home or in the garden, get a thermal cover and cover your hot tub whenever you’re not using it. We will tailor the cover to your requirements - below you will find 5 reasons why purchasing a cover is worth it.

  1. You will save energy costs
    Are you always economical, and does wastefulness bother you? With a thermo-insulating cover you won’t use as much energy for heating the water. The cover can keep the water warm - even at freezing temperatures, reducing the costs for operating the hot tub.

  2. You will use less chemicals
    Indoors the thermal cover protects the water from dust, and if you have an outdoor hot tub, it also protects the water from bigger particles, such as leaves, pine needles, pollen, insects, etc. It’s easier to keep the water clean, so you can use less chemicals. Thanks to the cover, you will also burden the filter less, extending its life.

  3. You will increase your childrens’ safety
    If you have children that could fall into the water, the hot tub cover will act as a safety barrier. The thermal cover weighs about 10 kg, so it is easily handled by an adult, but a small child will find it hard to take it off the hot tub. We can also sew a lockable clasp on your cover, if requested.

  4. Simplify the winterizing process
    If you have an outdoor hot tub and you don’t want to use it throughout the winter, you need to winterize it. It is better to let professionals winterize your hot tub, but when everything is finished, you will need a high-quality cover that will protect the empty hot tub against damage.

  5. Add style to your hot tub
    Moreover, a luxury hot tub will look even more stylish with our cover, and it will even appeal to those with high demands on design. The thermal cover is made of high-quality leatherette that not only insulates but also looks great. You can choose from 8 colors.

We will deliver a hot tub thermal cover anywhere in the Czech Republic and Europe within 3-4 weeks.


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