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Thermal covers for hot tub manufacturers

Why deliver a hot tub with a thermal cover?

Do you manufacture hot tubs and sell them to your customers without a thermal cover? Expand your product range - we will be happy to become your partner and manufacture high-quality covers designed exactly for your hot tubs. You customers will appreciate that you delivered a cover along with the hot tub, because:

With a thermal cover, hot tub operation is

  1. cheaper
    We have been manufacturing hot tub covers since 2003, and we are constantly improving this product to make its insulating properties as good as possible. Our thermal covers keep the water in the hot tub warm for hours, even if the whirlpool tub is located outdoors and the temperature drops below zero. Thanks to the cover, your clients will significantly save on water heating costs.

  2. more convenient
    The cover will protect an indoor hot tub from dust, and an outdoor hot tub from larger particles, such as leaves, pine needles, etc. The water is cleaner, maintenance is easier: you need less chemicals, the filter is not worn out as much, etc.

  3. safer
    Especially if your client is a parent of small children that could fall into the water, he will appreciate the offer of a thermal cover to go with the hot tub. For extra safety, we can sew a lockable clasp on the cover.

We deliver covers through the Czech Republic and Europe

We can deliver hot tub thermal covers for your company anywhere in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. Each cover is custom-made and delivered within 3-4 weeks after the order is placed, or earlier if required. Contact us for more information